1. Log in to Blackboard Learn.
  2. Select the appropriate course.
  3. Click the Course Messages link on left.
  4. Click the Create Message button.
  5. Click the To button.
  6. Find the name of the recipient in the Recipients list.
  7. Select the name/s by clicking on the recipients’ name.
  8. Click the right arrow to move the name of the individual to the Recipients section.
  9. Give the message an appropriate title in the Subject text-box.
  10. Write your message in the Body text-box.
  11. If you wish the attach a file, click the Browse button.
  12. A new window should open.
  13. Find the file in your local computer that contains your attachment.
  14. Click the Open button.
  15. Click the Submit button located at the bottom when done.